Anchorage Digital for protocols

The premier partner for crypto protocols

Safeguard your treasury with uncompromising security, and leverage pre-mainnet and post-launch support from seasoned engineers and PMs.

Work with the only federally chartered crypto bank

Industry-leading crypto security for protocols.
Proven security

Secure custody

Safekeep assets with a bankruptcy-remote qualified custodian and unrivaled security that leverages segregated vaults, quorum approvals, and biometric authentication.
Best price execution standards


Facilitate seamless reward collection and offer flexible delegation for institutional asset holders through Anchorage Digital, a third-party, or their own validator.
Self-serve delegation


Participate in governance for your token through Anchorage Digital, and enable institutional asset holders to vote on Snapshot governance proposals via WalletConnect.*
*Subject to Anchorage Digital's asset approval process
Best price execution standards

Bookkeeping and analysis

Pull transaction data to independently track performance, and compare current asset value against your cost basis.
Continuous new additions


Anchorage Digital offers end-to-end coverage for the full lifecycle of assets so clients can safeguard assets and participate on the blockchain with peace of mind.

Bespoke, pre-mainnet support for protocol teams

Anchorage Digital has a proven track record of supporting protocol teams at the time of launch, providing secure custody and enabling institutional clients to engage with their tokens. Whether it’s onboarding or public communications support, or custody and vesting arrangements, Anchorage Digital provides expertise at every stage of the launch process.