Anchorage Digital for asset managers

Secure and regulated crypto access for asset managers

Expressly built for institutions, Anchorage Digital offers asset managers an integrated crypto offering with secure custody at its core.

Industry-leading crypto custody, trading, and staking

An unparalleled offering for asset managers.
Directly on chain

Secure custody

Safeguard assets with bankruptcy-remote custody and unrivaled security that leverages segregated vaults, quorum approvals, and biometric authentication.
Custody Rule-compliant

Regulatory leadership

Anchorage Digital Bank has made it a mission to be regulated to the highest degree available—including as a U.S. federally chartered bank and unambiguous qualified custodian—to best position asset managers to meet their fiduciary responsibilities.
Best price execution standards

Broad asset support

Anchorage Digital supports hundreds of digital assets, and adds new token support on a regular cadence based on institutional client demand.
Seamless participation

Fully integrated offerings

Asset managers can safely participate in digital assets through custody, trading, staking, governance, and settlement.
Flexible delegation

Snapshot governance

Vote on decisions that impact the future of crypto. Anchorage Digital enables asset managers to participate on-chain with offline assets with Snapshot voting via WalletConnect.