Anchorage Digital Settlement

Settle securely

Avoid the counterparty, delivery, and bankruptcy exposure risks inherent to trading. Join the only crypto spot settlement network offered by a federally chartered bank, Anchorage Digital Bank, or participate via Anchorage Digital Singapore, which offers equivalent service and security standards.
Trusted by institutions worldwide
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An unparalleled settlement offering

Our solution couples the safety of traditional settlement with the benefits of digital asset technology so traders can fully separate settlement and execution concerns.
Secure staking

Simultaneous settlement

Anchorage Digital executes simultaneous settlement instructions on behalf of counterparties, and only does so when joint conditions are met.
Participate through a qualified custodian

Protected assets

Assets held at Anchorage Digital Bank or Anchorage Digital Singapore are verifiable on-chain, segregated, and bankruptcy-remote.
Flexible delegation


Settlement is fully integrated with custody: approve settlements and monitor settlement status on the Anchorage Digital platform.
Reach internal consensus

Capital efficiency

Within a ring-fenced, safe settlement network, institutions can trade crypto-to-crypto and settle quickly across multiple counterparties without the need for DvP.
Proven security

Industry-leading security

Our differentiated security mitigates the risk of human error; while keys are offline, transactions can still be signed in seconds—unlike with cold storage.
Dependable reporting

Flexible settlement timing

Choose to settle ad-hoc 24/7, or settle end-of-day across all the settlement obligations you have with your counterparties.

Crypto settlement you can trust

Simplify transactions and reduce operational risk by providing settlement instructions to Anchorage Digital; our automation-based systems will safely process transactions and programmatically move end-customer assets.

Sample interface for Settlement
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Tri-party solutions

Anchorage Digital also enables institutions to minimize counterparty risk through tri-party solutions. Collateral is held in a segregated vault, and the secured party maintains a transparent view of collateral in which the pledgor is granting a security interest. Get in touch to learn more about how Anchorage Digital facilitates the tri-party functions of locking and transferring assets.

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