Anchored in trust.
Built for the new economy.

Our vision is to be the foundation upon which value moves safely in the new global economy so that innovation can grow without bounds. Today, Anchorage Digital’s offerings are designed for institutions to safely participate in digital assets—from custody to trading and staking—all within the regulatory perimeter and the industry’s most proven security architecture.
Anchored in trust.Built for the new economy.

Our story

Anchorage Digital is a crypto platform that enables institutions to participate in digital assets through custody, staking, trading, governance, and settlement. With the only federally chartered crypto bank in the US, as well as Anchorage Digital Singapore, which offers equivalent security and service standards, Anchorage Digital delivers an unparalleled combination of security, regulatory compliance, and platform capabilities.

Founded in 2017, Anchorage Digital is headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices in New York, New York; Porto, Portugal; Singapore; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The company is funded by leading institutions including Andreessen Horowitz, GIC—Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, Goldman Sachs, KKR, and Visa, with its most recent Series D valuation over $3 billion. 

Our co-founders, Diogo Mónica and Nathan McCauley, have worked on the forefront of security engineering for more than a decade. As early Square employees, they engineered software that now secures hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions annually. At Docker, they helped secure the core infrastructure used in top banks, governments, and the world’s three largest cloud providers. 

Today, they are leading a team of the brightest minds in platform security, financial services, and distributed ledger technology to provide the building blocks that empower institutions to safely participate in the evolving digital asset ecosystem.


Anchorage Digital Bank

Anchorage Digital made history in January 2021 when Anchorage Digital Bank became the first federally chartered crypto bank in the US by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). 

This was a major milestone, not only for Anchorage Digital as an organization, but also for the digital asset industry and the wider financial world. Crypto deserves a bank, and we are proud to be the one to set the standard.

Today, Anchorage Digital Bank is the only federally chartered crypto bank in the US, offering institutions secure custody, staking, governance, and settlement services. Having a national bank charter places Anchorage Digital Bank firmly on the same regulatory footing as other national banks in the country. 

As an unequivocal qualified custodian, we work closely with federal regulators to meet stringent compliance requirements, and are paving the way for more institutions to seek rigorous federal oversight of digital asset operations. 

Anchorage Digital Bank
Anchorage Digital Singapore

Anchorage Digital Singapore

Outside the US, Anchorage Digital Singapore offers equivalent security and service standards to Anchorage Digital Bank. As the market for digital assets is global, institutions worldwide have chosen Anchorage Digital Singapore to meet or exceed their own national standards for security, risk monitoring, safekeeping, and compliance. With support for a broad range of tokens, Anchorage Digital Singapore offers safe custody, staking, and governance services.


Diogo Mónica
Co-founder & President
Anchorage Digital
Nathan McCauley
Co-founder & CEO
Anchorage Digital
Chris Dixon
Ben Pederson
Katie Biber
P. Bart Stephens
Blockchain Capital
Oliver Harris
Goldman Sachs
Chris Emanuel


Max Levchin
CEO, Affirm
Kevin Warsh
Former Governor of the U.S. Federal Reserve
Stanley Druckenmiller
Founder, Duquesne Capital