Anchorage Digital Stablecoin Rewards

Hold stablecoins, earn rewards

Anchorage Digital has a proven track record of supporting builders across the crypto ecosystem, whether you’re an established protocol or foundation, a crypto VC firm, or a developing project. Now with the stablecoin rewards program, crypto-native organizations can collect rewards on cash or treasury reserves through the trusted leader in institutional crypto.

Access safe rewards

Institutions can reduce the burden of crypto-to-fiat transfers and receive rewards on stablecoins held in secure custody with Anchorage Digital Bank N.A. or Anchorage Digital Singapore.
Flexible delegation

No lending, no rehypothecation

Receive rewards on stablecoin balances without assets ever leaving the Anchorage Digital platform.
Rapid settlement

Easy on/off ramps

Institutions that hold USD through Anchorage Digital Bank N.A. who have chosen to mint stablecoins can seamlessly participate in the stablecoin rewards program.
Self-serve delegation

One onboarding

Avoid separate onboarding to other providers, and hold assets with one platform: custody stablecoins with Anchorage Digital and collect rewards.

No lockup

Keep your stablecoins fully transferable while you earn rewards on your organization’s treasury or cash reserves.
Proven security

Fully safeguarded

Holdings remain segregated, bankruptcy-remote, and verifiable on-chain with industry-leading, HSM-based security.

Meaningful rewards

Instead of onboarding to separate providers that may offer low rewards rates, join Anchorage Digital’s stablecoin rewards program and put your cash or treasury assets to work to earn rewards, including multiple percentage points in rewards rates.

Sample interface for Settlement

This Stablecoin Rewards Program (the "Program") is offered by Anchorage Digital Neo, Ltd. Stablecoins must be held with custody or wallet platforms offered by Anchorage Digital Bank National Association, Anchorage Digital Singapore Pte, Ltd., or Anchorage Innovations, LLC, in order to be eligible for rewards. This program is not offered by any of the aforementioned custody or wallet service providers. Please refer to the Stablecoin Rewards Program Terms & Conditions for all applicable terms and risks. By participating in the Program, participants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by this disclaimer and any other terms and conditions governing the Program. Information in this document is for general educational purposes only and eligibility limitations apply. This document is not intended to constitute an offer, solicitation, recommendation, investment, or any other advice on financial products. Availability is subject to jurisdictional limitations.

The Program is not subject to regulatory oversight in the Cayman Islands or any other jurisdiction. Participants in the Program acknowledge and understand that the Program is not regulated by any governmental authority or regulatory body in the Cayman Islands or elsewhere. As such, there are no guarantees regarding the stability, security, or reliability of the Program. Participation in the Program carries inherent risks, including but not limited to the risk of loss of funds, lack of recourse in case of disputes, and potential volatility of a stablecoin's value. Participants are responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and requirements in their respective jurisdictions regarding the use, possession, and transfer of digital assets, including stablecoins. Nothing in the Program constitutes investment advice, financial advice, or any other form of professional advice. Participants should conduct their own research and seek appropriate professional advice before participating in the Program. Anchorage Digital Neo, Ltd. and its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, and representatives shall not be liable for any losses, damages, liabilities, costs, or expenses arising out of or related to participation in the Program, regardless of the cause of action or legal theory asserted.