Trusted by
institutions worldwide

Secure, safe, and integrated custody is the optimal foundation for crypto participation. Anchorage Digital offers the complete package: a regulated crypto platform built for an expanding range of institutional use cases, all powered by the most secure and usable digital asset architecture in the industry.
Trusted by institutions worldwide
Trusted by institutions worldwide
Trusted by institutions worldwide



Get pre-mainnet support

For a network launch to be successful, a solid community of partners is essential. Anchorage Digital provides bespoke, pre-launch support to enable institutions to custody assets when mainnet launches.

Leverage full-stack treasury management

Safeguard assets with unrivaled security, and create unlimited customizable wallets for any purpose: vendor payments, reserve management, employee grants, and more.

Transfer assets programmatically

Distribute assets in custody with Anchorage Digital’s external transfer API—streamlining withdrawals to meet vesting schedules.
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Registered investment advisors (RIAs)

Custody with a qualified custodian

As a federally chartered bank, Anchorage Digital Bank is an unequivocal qualified custodian, where clients benefit from heightened operational, compliance, audit, and governance controls.

Operate with streamlined reporting

From custody to staking to trading, automate reporting for efficient operations and to meet fiduciary responsibilities.

Trade 24/7

Anchorage Digital clients trade digital assets through a world-class, advanced trading interface, leveraging features such as real-time order management, rapid net settlement, and access to a wide range of order types.
Registered investment advisors (RIAs)
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Venture capital firms

Venture capital firms

Participate on-chain

Vote on decisions that impact the future of crypto. Participate on-chain with offline assets and engage in key governance proposals with Snapshot voting for all supported ERC-20s.

Buy, sell, or
hold crypto

Firms with long-term horizons trust Anchorage Digital’s unrivaled security, as well as the simplicity and ease with which to engage in digital asset markets.

Access broad and growing asset support

Anchorage Digital supports hundreds of digital assets, and adds new token support on a regular cadence based on institutional client demand.
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Assets managers

Safeguard assets

Widely recognized as the industry’s leading security solution, Anchorage Digital’s innovative custody offering uses behavioral analytics, private keys, and biometric authentication.

Limit risk with bankruptcy protections

Client assets are not recognized on Anchorage Digital’s balance sheet and are not part of a debtor estate in the event of a bankruptcy.

Access deep trading liquidity

Maintain full, diverse access to liquidity sources with tight pricing—even in the most difficult market conditions.
Assets managers
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