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Primed with deep expertise of the crypto landscape, Anchorage Digital has built foundational knowledge for institutions to gain an understanding of critical topics in the digital asset markets.

Foundational knowledge for informed decision-making

Navigate the rapidly changing crypto environment with a clear, comprehensive understanding of the industry's growing opportunities. Anchorage Digital primers equip institutions to make informed decisions about participating in the crypto economy, and can serve as a base for learning and research.


Digital asset custody
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  • What is crypto custody?
  • Why does secure, regulated digital asset custody matter?
  • What are common custody methods?
  • What are the risks of self-custody?
  • How to vet a digital asset custodian
Why institutions need a qualified custodian
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  • What is a qualified custodian?
  • How can qualified custodians secure digital assets?
  • What are qualified custodian best practices?
  • Does your institution need a qualified custodian?
  • How to evaluate a qualified custodian
Oversight & asset protection in crypto bank custody
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  • What are trust banks and the associated bankruptcy safeguards?
  • What do oversight and controls look like for trust banks?
  • What are the risks of exchange custody?
  • What are the differences between trust bank custody and non-bank custody?
  • How can I ensure my institution’s digital assets are kept bankruptcy-remote?
Staking for institutions
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  • What is staking?
  • How does staking work?
  • What are the risks and misconceptions of staking?
  • Where is it safe for institutions to stake?
  • What do institutions need to securely stake?
Stablecoins & institutions
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  • What are stablecoins?
  • What are the different types of stablecoins?
  • How do institutions use stablecoins?
  • What do institutions need to know before custodying stablecoins?
  • Why is a federally chartered trust bank the right partner to custody stablecoins?
What RIAs need in a crypto partner
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  • What crypto product capabilities do RIAs need?
  • Why does having a qualified custodian matter for RIAs?
  • Why is a federally chartered trust bank the right crypto partner for RIAs?
  • What type of crypto security do RIAs need?
  • How to evaluate a crypto partner for RIAs