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The only staking offered by a federally chartered crypto bank. Securely stake your digital assets from qualified custody.

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Staking straight from custody

Anchorage Digital makes it simple to stake a variety of assets right from the Anchorage user interface.

Secure staking

Anchorage Digital’s architecture enables secure participation directly from safe custody.

Continuous new additions

Stake Celo, Tezos, Flow, Oasis, Osmosis, and more, with support added for new proof-of-stake assets based on institutional demand.

Flexible delegation

Stake through Anchorage Digital, the provider of your choice, or leverage our services to run your own validator.

Automatic re-delegation

Anchorage Digital clients can automatically re-delegate staking rewards so assets are never left idle.

Self-serve delegation

Delegate to validators directly from vaults within the Anchorage Digital mobile app.

Detailed reporting

For clients and fund administrators, pull detailed reports from the Anchorage Digital dashboard or via API.

Day one support

Anchorage Digital offers Day One support for a growing number of emerging blockchain protocols, so you can stake from the start. 


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