Because the stakes are just too high

The future of crypto is participatory, and the stakes are too high to store assets online or sit idly on the sidelines. With Anchorage Staking, leave nothing online—and nothing on the table. Earn returns and avoid programmatic inflation simply by holding and delegating digital assets from the security of your Anchorage vault.

Staking straight from custody

Delightfully simple and secure, earn staking rewards from the security of Anchorage.

First-class feature

Easily stake assets under custody directly from within the Anchorage user interface.

The assets you stake

From Celo to Tezos and more, use Anchorage to stake all the assets you need to.

Flexible delegation

Employ an Anchorage-run validator, or use Anchorage to delegate to a third party staking provider.

Directly on chain

No need for workarounds like untested smart contracts—and no additional security risk.

Detailed reporting

For clients and fund administrators, pull detailed reports from the Anchorage dashboard or via API.

Transparent pricing

Anchorage charges a small staking fee as a percentage of staking rewards earned.

Day one support

Anchorage offers Day One support for a growing number of emerging blockchain protocols, so you can stake from the start.

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