Governance, streamlined

More and more blockchain protocols rely on community governance mechanisms to shape their present and future. With Anchorage Digital governance, have your say—easily and securely.

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On-chain participation with offline assets

Delightfully simple and secure, participate on chain with offline assets.

Seamless participation

Easily weigh in on issues that may affect the protocols of assets you hold from within the Anchorage Digital interface.

Participate through a qualified custodian

Vote from secure custody through the only U.S. federally regulated crypto governance offering.

Vote on important decisions

Participate in key governance proposals with Snapshot voting for all supported ERC-20s.

Directly on chain

No hot wallets, no untested smart contracts—and no additional security risk. Just easy and secure on-chain participation.

Reach internal consensus

Align on governance proposals before they move forward with Anchorage Digital’s built-in quorum-based approval system.

Continuous new additions

Our list of supported protocols is constantly expanding, driven by client demand.

Never miss a proposal

Shape the future of the assets you hold through the most advanced and secure institutional platform for on-chain governance.


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