Crypto for institutions

Integrated custody is the optimal foundation for direct crypto participation and development of bespoke digital asset products. Anchorage Digital offers the complete package: a regulated crypto platform built for an expanding range of institutional use cases, all powered by the most secure and usable digital asset architecture in the industry.

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Crypto projects and providers

Enroll pre-mainnet support

For a network launch to be successful, a solid community of partners is essential. With Anchorage Digital, get bespoke, pre-launch support, and be ready to offer institutional custody when mainnet launches.

Transfer assets programmatically

Distribute assets in custody with Anchorage Digital’s external transfer API—streamlining withdrawals to meet vesting schedules.

Expand working capital

Borrow USD against balance sheet crypto, or put capital to work and collect interest by lending crypto or USD.

Asset owners, wealth managers, and funds

Meet fluctuating market demand

Use digital assets as collateral for a line of credit in USD or crypto. Borrow USD or crypto to meet demand based on market dynamics.

Custody loan assets through tri-party collateral management

By offering crypto collateral management, Anchorage Digital enables direct lenders to focus on their core competencies—underwriting borrowers, owning client relationships, and expanding lending footprints.

Alleviate inventory depletion

Access revolver facilities to alleviate the rapid USD, stablecoin, and other digital asset inventory depletion that can occasionally arise from fast-moving markets.


Hold digital assets and blockchain-based securities

Leverage the Anchorage Digital platform to give clients secure exposure to a new class of financial assets.

Streamline digital asset reporting

From auditing to performance tracking to daily portfolio valuation, Anchorage Digital offers institutional fund administration for digital assets.

Safely grow capital with crypto-backed lending

Anchorage Digital offers a range of lending pools to match your risk appetite, while sophisticated price monitoring and automatic execution offer downside protection in the event of liquidation.


Go to market with new crypto offerings

From custody and execution services to stablecoin payments or settlements and tri-party arrangements, fintechs choose Anchorage Digital as their crypto partner.

Get customized support

Unlike other platforms offering APIs, Anchorage Digital takes a uniquely hands-on approach by embedding with partners, from concept to product roll-out.  All with service bundling, API integrations, as well as legal, compliance, and regulatory considerations.

Integrate custody with an exchange

Enable clients to trade directly on exchange or engage in multi-exchange trading without having to reallocate assets between exchanges. Gain a real-time view of client funds and settle funds for trading activity, all with assets secure in Anchorage Digital custody.