Complete crypto solutions for institutions

Biometric authentication, enhanced outlier detection, and hardware-enforced logic all underlie the world’s most secure and comprehensive digital asset solutions for institutions.

Anchorage is the complete package: a full suite of crypto-native financial services, built for a wide and growing range of institutional use cases, all powered by the most secure and usable digital asset platform in the industry.

Built for banks

Hold digital assets and blockchain-based securities

Leverage the Anchorage platform as a service to give clients secure exposure to a new class of financial assets.

Streamline digital asset reporting

From auditing, to performance tracking, to daily portfolio valuation, Anchorage is everything you need to offer institutional fund administration for digital assets.

Safely grow capital with crypto-backed lending

Anchorage Financing offers a range of lending pools to match your risk appetite, while sophisticated price monitoring and automatic execution offer downside protection in the event of liquidation.

Engineered for market makers

Alleviate inventory depletion

Access revolver facilities to alleviate the rapid USD, stablecoin, and other digital asset inventory depletion that can occasionally arise from fast moving markets.

Meet seasonal market demand

Use digital assets as collateral for a line of credit in USD or crypto. Borrow USD or crypto to meet seasonal market demand based on market dynamics.

Borrow against collateral on demand

Draw on lines of credit with just a few taps on the Anchorage app. Return unused assets at any point to avoid unnecessary interest charges.

Optimized for funds

Get fast access to cash and crypto

Use quick access to cash and crypto loans to take advantage of opportunistic trading benefits, or establish leverage with longer term loans.

Buy and sell crypto with Anchorage Trading

Trade digital assets directly from custody. Get access to expert traders and broad liquidity from a single account.

Lend digital assets to generate income

Lend out your crypto holdings to generate income now, and maintain exposure to the assets over the long term.

Made for miners

Get segregated authority for fund management

Customizable chain of authority assures partners in joint mining ventures that their rewards won’t be mismanaged, and ensures continuity of operations.

Manage treasury systematically

For regular reward disbursement, liquidate rewards systematically and directly from custody. Customize programmatic liquidations based on risk tolerance.

Cover expenses and stay long BTC

Post mining rewards as collateral with Anchorage Financing and obtain a line of credit from our banking partners. Lend BTC to generate income while staying long.

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