Financing for the future, today

With Anchorage Financing, unlock the full potential of your digital asset holdings. Use your digital assets as collateral for crypto loans or lines of credit in USD. Easily repay, draw on, and trade with your loan balance—all from a single, intuitive interface.

Seamless borrowing

With just a few taps on the Anchorage app, monitoring, transferring from, and drawing on your balance has never been easier.

Secure collateral

No risky moves among third party addresses. Your collateral stays secure in the Anchorage platform.

Sophisticated monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring of multiple reference prices protects against outages and pricing anomalies.

In your hands

Use your credit on your terms. Trade through Anchorage Trading, or transfer to an account of your choice.

Balance sheet flexibility

Use existing crypto holdings to get exposure to a wide variety of digital assets

Put your crypto to work

Generate income on lent assets in the short term while maintaining long term exposure

Participate in DeFi

From Compound to Uniswap, borrow base tokens to participate in a growing number of decentralized finance protocols

Live line of credit tracking

View your current line of credit across desktop and mobile. Make decisions and take action in real time.

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